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Re: PHP and ldap_bind function problem


At 11:09 AM 12/15/2004, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>You may be on to the right track here. Unfortunately, I am using v4 and v5 will not install (but that is a separate problem). In some of the research I've done on this problem, there are apparently 2 types of authentication, strong and simple. I think PHP V4 is incapable of doing strong which might be the default for my LDAP server. The solution may come done to how to tell the LDAP server to accept simple authentication.

Sounds more like the version of PHP you are using is using LDAPv2.
You should figure out how to make it use LDAPv3. LDAPv2 is historic.
You should be able to confirm that this is the problem by examining
the server logs.

For information about what versions of LDAP various versions of
PHP support, how to use LDAPv3 instead of LDAPv2 in PHP, and other
PHP-specific questions, Please see the PHP documentation and/or
use PHP forums.

Thanks, Kurt