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Re: PHP and ldap_bind function problem

Quoting "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>:

> At 08:46 AM 12/15/2004, Dennis Putnam wrote:
> >I am having a problem authenticating users via the ldap_bind function.
> >I think this is more of an LDAP question then PHP
> Yes, this is more of a question for a forum about PHP's LDAP
> facilities.  See http://us2.php.net/support.php for some
> possibilities here.

You also don't say what version of PHP you are using.  I have a patch for
PHP5.x that allows SASL binds, which of course allows greater security. 
I'm not sure what LDAP protocol versions older versions of PHP allow,

You can find my patch at:


You can look at my access example there as well.