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PHP and ldap_bind function problem

I am having a problem authenticating users via the ldap_bind function. I think this is more of an LDAP question then PHP so I am hoping someone here has sufficient experience with both to help me. Here is the troubling code:

$bind=ldap_bind($connect,"uid=".$username.",dc=mydomain,dc=com",$_POST[' password']);

I don't know what kind off error I will get for an invalid password but I know the password in my testing is correct. I am guessing an invalid password will give me a different error but here is the one I get:

Warning: ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Protocol error in /Library/WebServer/Documents/emailchpw.php on line 70

My 'ldap_connect' call returned successfully so the value of '$connect' is good. Can someone at least tell me what this error means? TIA.

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