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Re: OSX client to a openLDAP (SLES9) server

On Saturday 11 December 2004 11:13, Craig Herring wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get a OSX client to authenticate to a SLES9 server?
> I have read it is necessary to use the apple.schema file but there is a
> problem when I include it...
> I get this error:
> /etc/openldap/schema/apple.schema: line 165: AttributeType not found:
> "authAuthority"

Found the problem.... My 'home' ldap' had a problem so I rebuilt it.

OSX 10.3.6 supports RFC 2307 servers out of the box.  So there is no trouble 
authenticating... to check from OSX use this commmand. You should not have to 
reboot, only save the directory settings.

dscl localhost list /Search/Users

and you should see your ldap and local OSX users.