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OSX client to a openLDAP (SLES9) server

Has anyone been able to get a OSX client to authenticate to a SLES9 server?
I have read it is necessary to use the apple.schema file but there is a
problem when I include it...
I get this error:
/etc/openldap/schema/apple.schema: line 165: AttributeType not found:

Trying to exclude those lines that reference "AttributeType" in the file
give another error:
/etc/openldap/schema/apple.schema: line 161: Unexpected token before
ObjectClassDescription = "(" whsp
  numericoid whsp                 ; ObjectClass identifier
  [ "NAME" qdescrs ]
  [ "DESC" qdstring ]
  [ "OBSOLETE" whsp ]
  [ "SUP" oids ]                ; Superior ObjectClasses
  [ ( "ABSTRACT" / "STRUCTURAL" / "AUXILIARY" ) whsp ]
                                  ; default structural
  [ "MUST" oids ]               ; AttributeTypes
  [ "MAY" oids ]                ; AttributeTypes
  whsp ")"

I do not consider myself a wizard with LDAP. Any help is appreciated. My
goal is to make the Mac authenticate against a SLES9 server. We have around
10 Macs around with more comming and would be easier to use a single
directory source rather than placing 20 usernames and passwords on all the

Craig Herring