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Re: Query works in LDAP v2 but not in LDAP v3

At 05:22 AM 12/15/2004, Hubertus von Fürstenberg wrote:
>Whilst upgrading to from LDAP v2 (openldap-2.0.19) to LDAP v3 (openldap-2.1.30)

Both of these releases are LDAPv3 implementations, allowing
an LDAPv2 bind (for Umich LDAP compatibility).

>I have encountered the following problem:
>The query
>ldapsearch -x 'uniqueMember=uid=hubertus*'

This filter, aside from being malformed (missing outer parens),
should always evaluate to Undefined (and hence treated as False)
as uniqueMember doesn't have a substrings matching rule.
Also note that as a NameAndOptionalUID (or DN) values are not
character string s(in the abstract), substrings matching
is nonsensical.  In LDAPv3/X.500, component matching should
be used instead (which will be supported in OpenLDAP 2.3).

>returned a result on the old version:

That's a known bug in the old release.

>version: 2

This refers to the LDIF version, not to the LDAP version.
Publishing version 2 here was considered a bug.

>but the same query brought no results on the LDAP v3

We fixed the bug.

>Can anybody tell me, what went wrong?

Your assumptions.  The later releases are correct here.

Lastly I note that 2.1 and earlier releases are considered