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Re: Question about openLDAP, bdb backend, and commits

--On Wednesday, December 01, 2004 1:40 PM -0500 Misty Stanley-Jones <misty@borkholder.com> wrote:

Hi all,

We had a power outage and UPS failure last week, and the LDAP server was
shut  down uncleanly.  When it came back up, surprisingly the database
looked  intact except for the very last entry I had added (adding a Samba
machine  account).  The only thing is, I had added that entry at least an
hour before  the power outage and that system is not a busy system at
all.  I was curious  about why the transaction obviously did not get
written to all the internal  tables, and if there is a way that I can
ensure that transactions get written  out quicker than that.  Is it a
limitation with BDB backend?  I am running: openldap2-2.2.6-37.22

on SuSE 9.1. EXT3 fs.

Examine your "checkpoint" setting in slapd.conf, or add one if you don't have one.

Also your version of OpenLDAP 2.2 is rather old and known to be buggy.


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