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Re: replication problem

--On Monday, November 08, 2004 4:55 PM -0600 Justin Crabtree <crabtrej@otc.edu> wrote:

The perl script updates the master with no problem.  It gets the current
info from the database, checks the current entry in LDAP, modifies any
attributes that have changed and adds any attributes that are new.  It
reports any accounts changed and I have verified that it is doing what I
think it is doing.

Hi Justin,

Please reply to the list rather than me. ;)

That is very odd... If the data in the master is truly updated, then those updates should be propagated via slurpd (I assume you are using slurpd and not syncrepl). I've never had any issue with changes that were made to the master making their way to the replica's when using slurpd...


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