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Re: replication problem

--On Monday, November 08, 2004 10:26 AM -0600 Justin Crabtree <crabtrej@otc.edu> wrote:

I have replication setup with one master and two slaves.  When I make a
manual change to the master, it replicates to the slaves with no problem.
I have used both phpldapadmin and ldapmodify to make changes.   They both
work.  My problem is with a perl script that runs at night to check our
central database for changes and update the LDAP server. None of the
changes made by this script get replicated.  When I search the replica
log, there are no entries for the changes I know my script has made.  The
log file is full of entries for changes to timestamps and creators name,
but not the changes to non-system attributes.  Has anyone else run across
this problem?  I have been told that large updates should be done by
copying the database and not rely on replication.  I would like, however,
to let me script run every night and have replication handle the changes
on the slaves.  Any ideas?


Does the master reflect the changes that were made by the perl script?
From what you describe, it sounds like the perl script is not doing what
you intended.


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