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Re: [Fwd: Re: replication problem]

> On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Justin Crabtree wrote:
>> The perl script updates the master with no problem.  It gets the current
>> info from the database, checks the current entry in LDAP, modifies any
>> attributes that have changed and adds any attributes that are new.  It
>> reports any accounts changed and I have verified that it is doing what I
>> think it is doing.
> How are you binding to the master?  If you're binding as the updatedn,
> then I'd expect to see that behaviour i.e. changes not being propagated.

The master should have no knowledge of the updatedn (except for seeing
that identity in the "replica" directive; but that's only parsed by
slurpd...).  Unless he's doing something weird, e.g. having an "updatedn"
directive in the master as well, and using that to modify the database...


> Either that, or your Perl script is doing something really weird...

In this case, provided the changes operated by the script succeed, one
should see some activity at the .rej side...


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