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Re: BDB Corruption...

Buchan Milne wrote:

Mandrake 10.1/cooker has openldap2.2 in contrib, installable in parallel with the 2.1.30 packages in main (there wasn't time to get 2.2 into main and rebuild all packages that depend in libldap before version freeze).

what do you mean by "in parallel" ?
On fedora, I had to build relocatable packages so that 2.2.X libldap & liblber doesn't conflict with the libldap & liblber from openldap 2.1.30 which came with the fedora distrib and on which evry other ldap dependant packages are build upon .
How did mandrake solved that conflicting libraries (libldap & liblber) problem ?

The SRPM should rebuild on most older releases.

I also have similar packages for RH7.2 and Fedora2, and will build for RHEL2.1 and RHEL3 ...