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Re: BDB Corruption...

Matthew J. Smith wrote:
On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 11:12, Dominic Ijichi wrote:

I agree with the oft given advice on the list:  it is often better to
avoid the distro's packaged OpenLDAP, and compile your own.  However, I
would *strongly* recommend using /some/ package method (RPM, APT, Stow,
even ./configure --prefix=/some/isolated/location) when you compile your
own -- this will ease the upgrade pain, and make future deployments
easier.  Plus, if your distro of choice does ever package a 'modern'
version (any distro packaging 2.2.17 yet??), it will be simpler to
migrate if you so choose.

Mandrake 10.1/cooker has openldap2.2 in contrib, installable in parallel with the 2.1.30 packages in main (there wasn't time to get 2.2 into main and rebuild all packages that depend in libldap before version freeze).

The SRPM should rebuild on most older releases.

I also have similar packages for RH7.2 and Fedora2, and will build for RHEL2.1 and RHEL3 ...


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