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Re: BDB Corruption...

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 20.10.2004 kl. 17.36 skrev Jehan PROCACCIA:

If you wish, I have relocatable  openldap 2.2.17 source RPM package at

"If you wish": "S'il te plait", "s'il tu le veux", "s'il t'aide"?

And Fedora Core 2 binary RPM packages at

for instructions, see readme-jehan.txt enclosed int the rpm.

I've long seen and admired your efforts to help others with
cross-platform rpms; thanks on behalf of all of us. I've always been a
go-it-aloner since my SCO OpenServer 5.0 days, years ago: "I'll do it in
spite of you, you bastards", and that's carried on right to today.

I've got a machine that I can put Fedora Core 3 on. For OL 2.2.17 it
will have to have BDB 4.2.52/2 as a standard header and lib choice,
Cyrus SASL 2.1.18/19, openssl 0.9.7d, ldapdb auxprop, Postfix 2.1.5/TLS/SASL, Courier IMAP
3.0.8/maildrop 1.7 with Openldap support. I'll be having to compile my
own dspam 3 and install and configuring my own amavisd-new 2.1 with ldap
support and all the cpan-based Perl support for it (not a little). And
(Python 2band C) pykota print quota software with LDAP support. Do you
do all those rpms as well? Does anyone?

$ urpmq -r libdb4.2 openldap2.2 postfix courier-imap maildrop amavisd-new dspam

I couldn't find sasl2 packages for RH7.2/RHEL2.1, so I rebuilt the Mandrake SRPM from 9.2 updates, which works fine (but, RHEL2.1 doesn't have automake 1.6, so I think 2.1.15 is as far as I can go without major hacking ...).

I still mean to package pykota

$ cat /etc/mandrake-release
Mandrakelinux release 10.1 (Beta 1) for i586

(with lots of updates from cooker)

BTW, our bind packages also have LDAP support out-the-box ...


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