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Re: BDB Corruption...

jehan procaccia wrote:
Buchan Milne wrote:

Mandrake 10.1/cooker has openldap2.2 in contrib, installable in parallel with the 2.1.30 packages in main (there wasn't time to get 2.2 into main and rebuild all packages that depend in libldap before version freeze).

what do you mean by "in parallel" ?

You can have openldap-servers and openldap2.2-servers installed at the same time with no conflicts. The only packages which conflict are libldap2-devel and libldap2.2_7-devel.

On fedora, I had to build relocatable packages so that 2.2.X libldap & liblber doesn't conflict with the libldap & liblber from openldap 2.1.30 which came with the fedora distrib and on which evry other ldap dependant packages are build upon .

In Mandrake we believe relocatable packages are evil ... you can't really have other packages depend on relocatable packages (how should they find the headers?).

I want maintainers of software dependant on libldap to be able to build and test their software against libdldap2.2_7-devel, and then we will switch openldap-2.1 to contrib (make it openldap2.1) and move openldap2.2 to main (openldap). Maintainers who have already rebuilt for 2.2 will not have to do anything ... those who hanen't will have to fix their packages.

If the packages were relocateable, it would require more effort from maintainers of other packages.

How did mandrake solved that conflicting libraries (libldap & liblber) problem ?

The soname has changed between 2.1 and 2.2, as well as the library minor. Library packages should never conflict (this is why Mandrake has lib packages, instead of sticking the libraries in say the openldap package as RH does), but the -devel packages will (but, well, just install the one you want).

All binaries are suffixed (ie slapd2.2) and scripts/configs adjusted during the build. Client binaries (and man pages) are currently suffixed as well, as soon as cooker is open again, I will alternativise both the package in main and the one in contrib, so the most recently installed clients will be accessible as 'ldapsearch' etc but installed as 'ldapsearch2.1' and 'ldapsearch2.2'. I think Fedora has alternatives/update-alternatives as well ... but it can't be employed by only one package.

Unfortunately the packaging files for openldap2.2 did not make it into CVS on my upload, so you can't see the spec file without grabing the SRPM, but mail me if you want one, or look at the way samba was done (for samba2/samba3).


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