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Re: LDAP forum (was: fascism)

Hello Chris, Hallvard and the rest of the distinguished characters of openldap-software;

The fact that newsgroups are dying is just part of the sad commentary on our current Internet growth phase. As a world society we do not seem to be willing to spend time on much of anything. We want INSTANT results. Instead of "try, try again" our motto has become "I'll try anything, once and only once".

It used to be accepted as fact that once a mailinglist exceeded 1000 participants, a newsgroup was far better and more efficient at getting the information around to everyone interested. Perhaps that was based more on the combined bandwidth requirements than the instant gratification desires of the participants.

I've personally never read the ldap mailinglist at umich -- it seemed to have died a while back, but probably I was just too impatient with it and wasn't willing to search out the archives of the list to see how relevant it would be to my situation.

On Sep 21, 2004, at 1:17 PM, Christopher Hicks wrote:

Or maybe it's about time to create a newsgroup comp.infosystems.ldap or something?

Newsgroups aren't nearly as useful as mailing lists generally. Google groups helps, but its still not nearly as conducive to technical conversations as a well-run mailing list.

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