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Re: fascism

Christopher Hicks wrote:
On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

As some seem not to listen to my repeated calls for this
topic to be taken elsewhere, the topic has been marked
as taboo in the mailing list manager.  Further posts
in this area will be screened by list administrator
and only forwarded to the list if deemed on-topic.

This is a truly overbearing attitude for somebody to take who repeatedly ignored my request to setup a group where this sort of thing would be on topic. This is truly the sort of attitude which deters people from using free software. For this sort of thing to be going on on the one place people can come to talk about using open source ldap implementations makes this sort of nastiness even more inappropriate.

I recommend creating your own list, which you can moderate, if you would like to talk about software not directly related to OpenLDAP. This list's policy is very clear, and there is certainly room for another LDAP mailing list.

OpenLDAP is a *great* piece of software. This list is an excellent way to talk about the innards of OpenLDAP, resolve slapd/slurpd bugs, and refine OpenLDAP configuration. I hope we can all respect the wishes of the developers in what they want to hear on their listserv.

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