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Re: proxy-cache

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
didn't your fixes to the sql backend for searching auxiliry
objectclasses make it to 2.2.17? It seems not, which is a pitty....

I haven't had much time since way before 2.2.17 was being released, and
the inclusion of that fix is not straightforward because it's very
intrusive in some code that is HEAD only (2.2 is feature-frozen right
now).  Sorry...


Ok, I understand. I do wonder, did anything change in the back-sql code since that particular fix? I'm now seeing a decrease in performance by a factor 4 on the exact same database. I used to be able to retrieve 1079 entries in about 1m45s, with my recent update of HEAD to the code as it was yesterday, that same search takes about 9m30s, this is without the effect of the proxy-cache, which seems to decrease performance drastically (another factor 2 or so) for the initial search. Of course, subsequent searches are a lot faster (5 sec for the same 1079 entries), so the cache does work.

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