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Re: slapd-meta

>>>>> "Pierangelo" == Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> writes:

    Pierangelo> It may well be that the qmail* tool returns "no such
    Pierangelo> object" because that is the return code that comes
    Pierangelo> from back-meta; back-meta used to have some
    Pierangelo> return-code issues when something strange occurred
    Pierangelo> when processing different targets.  It should be cured
    Pierangelo> now, but you may have found another.

This is OpenLDAP 2.2.14. I'll try .17.

    Pierangelo> From your
    Pierangelo> slapd.conf, you seem to be using just one target.
    Pierangelo> Then, why don't you use back-ldap, which should be
    Pierangelo> much more robust?

'One target'? I have NO idea what I'm doing here, I'm just wining it
and hope that something work :)

It just dawned on me what you meant with 'one target'. I will DEFINITELY
be using more targets, but I thought I'd start with one for now :)

I'm using back-meta because (apparently, see other tread a month or so
back) it's not possible to do GSSAPI authentications with back-ldap.
Also, from my understanding of the man page(s), back-ldap don't do
FS caching, only memory... ? Also, I see some (very vague) future
improvements which back-ldap probably won't be able to fill..

    Pierangelo> For the cache problem, you don't
    Pierangelo> have any proxyAttrset referred to by the proxyTemplate
    Pierangelo> "(&(cn=)(objectClass=))" that contains the attribute
    Pierangelo> "ldapbasedn" yourclient appears to be looking for.  If
    Pierangelo> you read the slapo-pcache(5) document, you'll see that
    Pierangelo> only EXACT filters and attribute sets are cached and
    Pierangelo> then answered.

Eh... My understanding of the manual was that you specify which attributes
to cache/index, number that in the proxyAttrset option THEN you
specify a proxyTemplate with this number...

proxyAttrset            3 locals rcptHosts ldapBaseDN ldapObjectClass ldapRebind ldapUid ldapGid
proxyTemplate           (&(cn=)(objectClass=)) 3 43200