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pcache rfe

Hi all,

I've been playing with the pcache (HEAD code) and it does seem to be very usefull as it is but:

I'd like to be able to cache only a subset of the data. We have fields like userPassword and loginShell that should preferably allways be retrieved from the slq backend because these values can change quite rappidly (if a user has used all his budget, his shell changes, when more budget is added his shell changes back, comparable things happen to userPassword) so these should not be cached, or cached only for a short time, while other attributes are more static and could be cached for ages (one hour or even more).

Even worse, one client does not even list the requested attributes in it's ldap-queries (I've notified the vendor that I think it should), so non of that clients queries are cachable.

as I see it, currently the pcache does not allow for only part of a query to be retrieved from cache and the rest of the attributes to be retrieved from the backend (in my case sql). It would be nice (I think) if this were possible in the future, I guess this might be quite intrusive in the way the cache works, but it would make the cache more versatile and in my case it makes a huge impact on the usefullness of the cache.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

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