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Re: Database corruption?

Tony Earnshaw wanted us to know:

>In my experience BDB 4.1 has always been subject to "spontaneous"
>corruption: Instead of doing what you did (drastic to say the least) you
>could have run 'db_recover -c' (or db_recover-4.1 or whatever it is on
>your Fedora box) after stopping the server. That would have got you your
>database back again.
>Only at OL 2.2>~14 and patched BDB 4.2.52 have I experienced total
>absence of corruption over extended periods (months).

I have to chime in and say that we experienced random corruption on a
BDB 4.1 db and only achieved reliable operation when converted the
entire system over to gdbm.  It was easier than converting a Gentoo
system over to 4.2.52 (it's masked for all arch's), which the #ldap
channel said through informal observation seemed to be the only current
stable version of bdb.  This corruption was occurring on a read-only
system, both on the master and the slave!  Switched to gdmb, no problems
any more.
Regards...		Todd
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