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Database corruption?


I'm using OpenLDAP 2.1.29-1 on two Fedora Core 2 boxes: the second one is a
slave to the first one. This was running fine for weeks without any problems
until yesterday: suddenly samba (which uses the LDAP backend for
authentication) started complaining of failing to bind to the LDAP server. I
tried restarting the server, the box, and everything seemed to be fine
except that slapd will not respond to anything. Even a simple slapcat hangs
the console, and the log only shows 'Initializing BDB database'.

I finally stopped slapd, removed the /var/lib/ldap directory and restarted.
This time everything seemed fine although the directory was empty. I then
added all records from a previous LDIF dump and everything has been running
smoothly ever since.

I haven't been able to replicate the problem, and the logs report nothing
out of the ordinary except for Samba suddenly starting to freak out.

I realize it's very difficult to even guess what the problems might be from
this, but I'm hoping someone else may have faced the same issue?