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Re: Migrating users suse

At 09:11 AM 9/21/2004, Conor O Callaghan wrote:
>Hi, i have looked at the options for migration. They
>seem time consuming. I only want password verification
>from my server. 
>Is this an acceptable solution. Delete the existing
>account, (not the files), create a new LDAP account,
>and hook it up to the old files. It has worked on a
>trial account is it acceptable to use it for all

Your question does not appear to be specific to
OpenLDAP Software hence it will be redirected to a
more appropriate list.

Your questions appear to be more appropriate for a
forum about how Linux utilizes LDAP to represent Linux
accounts and such, and how Linux it performs Linux
account authentication using the information it
accesses via LDAP. 

In Linux, this is commonly done using NSS/LDAP and/or
PAM/LDAP and a variety of other tools.  I am not sure
if SuSE hosts a list for discussion of use of these
tools for its customers, but PADL (the developer of the
NSS/LDAP and PAM/LDAP) does host a couple of lists
supporting their products: <nssldap@padl.com> and

Regards, Kurt