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Re: slapd feature

--On Monday, September 13, 2004 10:30 PM +0500 Harutyunyan Victor <hvictor@henphyt.yerphi.am> wrote:

 Hi there,

  I have encounted the following problem. I have a slapd master server
and a number of slave servers.I am adding new schema file on master
or changing existing exac schema files. After adding a entry  with newly
created objectClass on master I am getting errors on slave servers, about
absence of that newly created objectClass in slave's schema files.
Updating schema files on slaves solves the problem.
Is it possible to organise the "synchronisation" of schema files on slave
servers ? I mean that each time one changes schema file on master schema
files on slave is updated automaticaly.

No. The schema is kept in a file, whereas the data is kept in a database. So you need to update the schema on all your slaves when you update it on the master as well. Perhaps in a future release this will no longer be the case.


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