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Re: slapd feature

man, 13.09.2004 kl. 20.06 skrev Quanah Gibson-Mount:

> >   I have encounted the following problem. I have a slapd master server
> > and a number of slave servers.I am adding new schema file on master
> > or changing existing exac schema files. After adding a entry  with newly
> > created objectClass on master I am getting errors on slave servers, about
> > absence of that newly created objectClass in slave's schema files.
> > Updating schema files on slaves solves the problem.
> > Is it possible to organise the "synchronisation" of schema files on slave
> > servers ? I mean that each time one changes schema file on master schema
> > files on slave is updated automaticaly.
> No.  The schema is kept in a file, whereas the data is kept in a database. 
> So you need to update the schema on all your slaves when you update it on 
> the master as well.  Perhaps in a future release this will no longer be the 
> case.

Supposing the slave has a different base with different subsets of
objectclasses? Supposing ... slapd.conf and its include files would also
have to be updated to cope. One'd be dealing with a separate DB for all
of these, instead of flat files - I'll be gaga before that's realized
(or I'm a Dutchman ;)

This would also go against the grain of syncrepl and proxying.

I take it that people don't have so many slaves/consumers that
individual configuration would become impossible. Although Novell has a
good solution with eDirectory (had already with NDS 4.1), but that's
another ball game ;)


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