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Re: Is it possible to convert all the chinese words to base64 type in a ldif file with a script?

Andreas Schuldei wrote:

* Dieter Kluenter (dieter@dkluenter.de) [040913 11:49]:

?????? ??? <wangpenghui@realss.com> writes:

Hi all:

I have a very large ldif file. And it contains many chinese words in all the
entries. Is it possible to convert all the lines which contains chinese words using
base64 with a script?

encode your ldif file to UTF-8 by means of iconv(1), iconv --list
will list all available characters

are you aware that utf8 is not capable of dealing with most of
the asian languages at all?

You are quite mistaken. You should probably read a current document on Unicode before posting such nonsense. Try www.unicode.org for more information.

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