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Re: BINDDN in ldap.conf

On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 13:38, Howard Chu wrote:

> Anyone who's been watching this list for more than a few weeks should by 
> now realize that what Red Hat does with OpenLDAP in no way resembles 
> what a competent OpenLDAP administrator would do. The fact that they 
> blithely mix non-OpenLDAP config directives with OpenLDAP software is an 
> issue for you to take up with them, it's not under our control. One 
> might make a case that the OpenLDAP Foundation should take an interest 
> in what other organizations are doing with OpenLDAP software, insofar as 
> poorly packaged distributions reflect poorly on the Foundation even 
> though the Foundation was not responsible for creating the packages in 
> question. But that's fodder for a separate discussion.
extremely valid issue - I couldn't find a RFE label on
bugzilla.redhat.com to ask them to upgrade openldap on RH AS 3 (and this
would obviously beg for other upgrades as well) so I didn't put it in.
> > Thank you for this discussion as it has clarified some issues for me and
> > I appeal to Kurt and Howard to look gently towards those of us who are
> > ignorant and yet eager to do things right.
> I hear what you're saying. Everyone has to start somewhere. But people 
> who blame their troubles on poor documentation should suggest how to fix 
> it. This is what's commonly called "constructive criticism" and it's a 
> major force in improving any project.
> People who blame their problems on missing information, when the info is 
> in fact present, really have only themselves to blame.
I have never suggested that there is a lack of documentation - I
purchased Gerry Carter's book and got it working well enough for my
needs - asked and received enough help to clarify ACL's and have
monitored this list for the past 8 months just to learn.

Thanks for your efforts.