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Re: Looking for current ldap-autofs howto

> At 02:53 PM 7/2/2004, Jeff Davis wrote:
> >Trying to get LDAP managing automounts - can anyone point me to a
reasonably current howto?
> This question is off-topic here.   It would be more
> appropriate asked on an autofs list or a general LDAP list
> (e.g., <ldap@umich.edu>).
> Kurt

I responded to this email with an example of how to get autofs working
withing OpenLDAP and my message was bounced as being off-topic.  While
technically this is true, there were several components of my reply that
were specific to the OpenLDAP server configuration.  I understand the desire
to keep this list specific soley to OpenLDAP software which is why I would
like to suggest a separate mailing list for OpenLDAP compatibility with
other software components (OpenLDAP-compat ?).  This list would specifically
address questions such as how to get other OSes to work with OpenLDAP and
the configuration required on both the client and server side.  I believe
there is a large community here with this type of knowledge and it would be
a shame not to take advantage of this collected wisdom.

OpenLDAP is an excellent product, far superior to anything else out there in
many ways.  Guided assistance from its community (in the appropriate forums)
would only help others to realize the truth of that statement.

  John Kloss <John.Kloss@jhmi.edu>
  IT Manager/ Systems Manager
  Institute of Genetic Medicine
  Johns Hopkins Medical Institution

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