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Re: Looking for current ldap-autofs howto

I agree with all points in the email below including the proposition for
a seperate mailing list. This list has been extremely valuable to me
getting OpenLDAP working with Irix, solaris, and several flavours of
Linux. I understand the need to keep the traffic down on on already high
volume list but there is an obvious abundance of expertise here.


On Sun, 2004-07-04 at 21:46, John Kloss wrote:
> I responded to this email with an example of how to get autofs working
> withing OpenLDAP and my message was bounced as being off-topic.  While
> technically this is true, there were several components of my reply that
> were specific to the OpenLDAP server configuration.  I understand the desire
> to keep this list specific soley to OpenLDAP software which is why I would
> like to suggest a separate mailing list for OpenLDAP compatibility with
> other software components (OpenLDAP-compat ?).  This list would specifically
> address questions such as how to get other OSes to work with OpenLDAP and
> the configuration required on both the client and server side.  I believe
> there is a large community here with this type of knowledge and it would be
> a shame not to take advantage of this collected wisdom.
> OpenLDAP is an excellent product, far superior to anything else out there in
> many ways.  Guided assistance from its community (in the appropriate forums)
> would only help others to realize the truth of that statement.
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