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Re: simple acl

> Hello!
> I would like to set up a acl which allows a anonymous user write access.
> If my sldap.conf has no acl, i can read it just fine.
> If i add something silly like:
> ---
> access	to *
> by anonymous write
> by * write

try leaving at least a blank as first char on continuation lines.
moreover, by default slapd denies write to unauthenticated users despite
the acls you use. look thru slapd.conf(5) man page (or the admin guide),
there should be some flag to tell slapd to do something so unusual.  I
don't remember how to do it, and I don't want to learn.

ciao, p.

> ---
> then  i cant even read it as anonymous. Where is my mistake?
> (...)Each access level is incremental in interpretation and implies all
> previous access levels. For example,  search implies compare and auth
> access, whereas write implies complete access. (...)
> Cheers, Mario
> p.s. i am using
> http://sapiens.wustl.edu/~sysmain/info/openldap/openldap_configure_acl.html
> as a tutorial.
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