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Re: simple acl

Hi again,
i have a little more advanced ACL now. (Openldap 2.2.14)
My aim is to allow the admin full write permissions, and the room admins to
be able to manage their ou=room1 and room2.

Here is my acl:

## Auth users
access to attr=userPassword
 by self write
 by anonymous auth
 by * none

## Full Admin Access
access to *
 by self write
 by dn="cn=admin,o=addressbook,dc=example,dc=net" write
 by * read

## room1 admin access limited to ou=room1
access to dn="ou=room1,o=addressbook,dc=example,dc=net"
 by self write
 by dn="cn=room1_admin,ou=room2,o=addressbook,dc=example,dc=net" write
 by * read

## room2 admin access limited to ou=room1
access to dn="ou=room2,o=addressbook,dc=example,dc=net"
 by self write
 by dn="cn=room2_admin,ou=room2,o=addressbook,dc=example,dc=net" write
 by * read

Now when i want to log in with evolution, evolution crashes.
Am i using nonsense rules which makes it crash or whats going on here?

The Full Admin account works perfekt.

My DB:
- addressbook
  - room1
    - user1
    - user2
    - room1_admin

  - room2
    - user4
    - user5
    - room2_admin

Thank you very much, Mario

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