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Re: postalAddress index? and recommendation

Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
><h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no> wrote:
>>Daniel Henninger writes:
>>> /local/ldap/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 105: approx index of attribute
>>> "postalAddress" disallowed
>> Misleading error message.   'disallowed' should be 'not implemented'.
> I'm not sure that is quite right.  (...) if he did:
> index postalAddress eq
> or
> index postalAddress sub
> or
> index postalAddress eq,sub
> (which is how his email reads)
> and got that error, than that would be a bug.

I tested a single 'index postalAddress eq'.

The source checks if the relevant matching rule has an index routine and
a filter routine, and gives that message otherwise.