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Re: postalAddress index? and recommendation

Anyone have any idea if this is fixed in 2.2?  If not I'll be applying
your patch.  ;)  Do you have any desire for me to return it to you in
2.2-mod'd format?  (if I have to modify it that is)


> > Is there a restriction on searching on postalAddress?  I assume no since
> > the schema file indicates that it does cased ignored List type matches.
> Yes, there is a severe restriction... "caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch"
> and "caseIgnoreListMatch" are NOT implemented in openLDAP (yet)... I
> have personally gotten around this by using the attached patch (against
> the 2.1 code -- I haven't even begun to play with the 2.2 code yet) as a
> kludge that uses the caseIgnoreMatch and caseExactIgnoreSubstringsMatch
> routines for caseIgnoreListMatch and caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch,
> respectively.

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