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postalAddress index? and recommendation

Hi Folk,

I'm running into an issue with postalAddress that doesn't "appear" to be
making any sense.  I can not set an index on it.  (nor does it seem to
search properly unindexed)  I've tried eq, sub, and approx indexes and
they all give me:
/local/ldap/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 105: approx index of attribute
"postalAddress" disallowed

Trying to search on the attribute returns nothing (but takes a long time
since there's no index).  Even if we search for the exact string, nothing
is returned.

Is there a restriction on searching on postalAddress?  I assume no since
the schema file indicates that it does cased ignored List type matches.

Also, possibly related, I am working with 2.1.30.  I chose 2.1.30 because
when I downloaded it (a couple of weeks ago) it was the latest stable.  I
see now that 2.2.13 is listed as stable.  Would you recommend I go ahead
and move to the 2.2.* series?  Note that this is a "brand new" ldap
implementation, so I'm not having to upgrade a live system.



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