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Re: sample DB_CONFIG bdb backend docs : a must in faq-o-matic

Trevor Warren wrote:

He ldapers..;D,

 Here'z a wonderful link towards mention of good
practices on config of DB_CONFIG. Searched all over
the openldap site for the same but never really made
it to any sample db_config files. Even friggin
sleepycat is so sleepy that there in the docs no
sample db_config was placed.


 Hope someone gets this bubba boy in there in the
tuning section such that no one needs to re-invent the
wheel on this front ever.

Relying on 2nd or 3rd hand documentation of this form is both foolish and dangerous.
(1) the referenced page hasn't been updated since June 2003, and OpenLDAP has continued to march forward.
(2) much of the explanatory documentation is lifted out of the OpenLDAP and SleepyCat manual pages. Of course, there is
(a) no attribution of such and
(b) again, the information is out of date

In particular, anyone who recommends that you set DB_TXN_NOSYNC without fully explaining the ramifications of such is doing a disservice. And anyone who blindly follows such unqualified advice is an idiot.

For all of the people out there writing their own personal pages with tips/notes/whatever - PLEASE consider submitting them as documents for the OpenLDAP site to publish first/instead. Then there is at least some possibility that the content can be checked for correctness, and also some possibility that the content will be maintained and kept up to date.

For all of the people out there saying "I hope someone adds this to the OpenLDAP web site" - remember that the FAQ-o-Matic is open to everyone. If you want a document to be added to it, Just Do It. Don't wait for some-unknown-abstract-entity to do it for you. Take some active responsibility for your fate, and everyone will benefit.
-- Howard Chu
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