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Re: sample DB_CONFIG bdb backend docs : a must in faq-o-matic

søn, 06.06.2004 kl. 09.00 skrev Howard Chu:

> Relying on   of this form is both foolish 
> and dangerous.

Don't say much for Quanah and Stanford, do it?

I for one am utterly grateful for the info. that Stanford makes
available and have learned oodles from it. NB! A great deal of
Stanford's info. is stuff that can not be gleaned from Openldap,
Sleepycat's or any other sources.

An *ENORMOUS* amount of "being able to earn money from Openldap" is
still knowing more than the next fellow. 2.2.x, with the latest
releases, is becoming a powerful, unique and utterly stable product.
More power to the developers' elbows. But the docs are *still* abysmal.
I get the feeling that Pierangelo has taken this to heart and
concentrated commendably on the man pages. These are now (2.2.x), at
least, comprehensive and understandable - though definitely not for the

"Well, write better docs yourself", I hear you mouth. Or words to that
effect ;) I have enough problems trying to keep up, let alone write
doco. My immediate problem is RedHat's execrable RHEL3 Openldap
implementation and colleagues who insist on running up2date on my own
Openldap, pam_ldap etc. installs and rendering everything that "worked
yesterday" useless, having to debug and repair it all. In between times,
I'm very grateful for Quanah's "2nd or 3rd hand documentation". Mind
you, I trust "the Commanche" where I would not trust others ;)



We make out of the quarrel with others rhetoric
but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

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