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RE: server side sorting & paging?

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> I'll give an example of why one isnt much use without the other.
> Say I'm displaying a directory of all my applications users
> in a webapp and
> Im using OpenLdap to store the users. I want to display my
> users by the
> letter that their surname begins with (A, B, C ... Z), in alphabetical
> order, with one Page per letter (plus sub pages for letters
> which have a
> large number of associated users). Say I have 10,000 users.

If that's the best example you can come up with, it's still not very
compelling. Since your requirements are so simple and well defined, there's a
very simple solution. If you want one user-interface page per letter, issue a
search with an appropriate filter, e.g.
to populate your 'A' page, etc. etc...

> What bothers me isnt that OpenLdap doesnt support sorting of
> search results,
> but that its not even on the roadmap for any future versions. Surely
> server-side sorting of results is quite a high priority requirement?

I believe LDAP is intended to be a large-scale distributed information
storage/retrieval mechanism. I don't believe it is an individual client
presentation system. One might as well complain that NFS doesn't sort
remote-mounted filesystem directories before presenting them to your
command-line shell. That's not the server's job, that is the user-interface's

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