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RE: server side sorting & paging?

Its a real requirement for my application, and you appear to have missed the
The filter you suggested is already in use to retreive all the Users
beginning with a
given letter.

The crux of the problem is: If I have 1000 results for "A" and I want
to display these in alphabetical order 1 page at a time- currently I have
to sort ALL the results IN MEMORY before retreiving only ONE PAGE from the
things I just sorted. OK?

>>I believe LDAP is intended to be a large-scale distributed information
>>storage/retrieval mechanism.
And as such I would expect it to return results from a query in some sort
of clearly defined order. It doesnt.

How is it OpenLDAP does not support Server-side sorting and yet other LDAP
do? Are you saying companies such as IBM and Sun have gotten it all wrong?

I take it from your postings that even if someone did go to the trouble to
write a decent patch
for server side sorting that you would not include it in any future version
of OpenLDAP?

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> I'll give an example of why one isnt much use without the other.
> Say I'm displaying a directory of all my applications users
> in a webapp and
> Im using OpenLdap to store the users. I want to display my
> users by the
> letter that their surname begins with (A, B, C ... Z), in alphabetical
> order, with one Page per letter (plus sub pages for letters
> which have a
> large number of associated users). Say I have 10,000 users.

If that's the best example you can come up with, it's still not very
compelling. Since your requirements are so simple and well defined, there's
very simple solution. If you want one user-interface page per letter, issue
search with an appropriate filter, e.g.
to populate your 'A' page, etc. etc...

> What bothers me isnt that OpenLdap doesnt support sorting of
> search results,
> but that its not even on the roadmap for any future versions. Surely
> server-side sorting of results is quite a high priority requirement?

I believe LDAP is intended to be a large-scale distributed information
storage/retrieval mechanism. I don't believe it is an individual client
presentation system. One might as well complain that NFS doesn't sort
remote-mounted filesystem directories before presenting them to your
command-line shell. That's not the server's job, that is the

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