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RE: server side sorting & paging?

I'll give an example of why one isnt much use without the other.

Say I'm displaying a directory of all my applications users in a webapp and
Im using OpenLdap to store the users. I want to display my users by the
letter that their surname begins with (A, B, C ... Z), in alphabetical
order, with one Page per letter (plus sub pages for letters which have a
large number of associated users). Say I have 10,000 users.

You can see the problem- every time a request comes in for my directory I
need to emply both sorting (by surname) and paging. If I have to sort the
results in-memory for every request the server recieves then its going to
slow to a crawl with only a handfull of requests. Thus, paging without
sorting isnt much use. Alternatively an unsorted directory of users just
looks poor, and doesnt fulfil my requirements.

What bothers me isnt that OpenLdap doesnt support sorting of search results,
but that its not even on the roadmap for any future versions. Surely
server-side sorting of results is quite a high priority requirement?


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At 03:56 AM 4/22/2004, denis.havlik@t-mobile.at wrote:
>Thus we need:
>1) Server Side Sorting

Feel free to submit a patch.

>2) Paging.

2.2 supports paged results.