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Re: server side sorting & paging? [Virus checked]


>At 03:56 AM 4/22/2004, denis.havlik@t-mobile.at wrote:
>>Thus we need:
>>1) Server Side Sorting

>Feel free to submit a patch.

Thanks a lot for this kind and very informative answer.

As I don't have the skills needed to submit this "tiny patch", and I'm still curious about the reason nobody even thinks about working on something that looks like a very usefull feature, let me try to reformulate the question:

Am I overestimating the value of "server side sort" in the real life? (Bear with me, I'm still new to LDAP)
Is implementation so difficult that everyone is scared of it?
Personal dislike against Server Side Sort?
Not enough resources?
This thema has been asked so many times that you hate everyone who starts it again?
Something completely different?

>>2) Paging.
>2.2 supports paged results.

I can see that paging is usable even without sorting in case of large result sets, and it's good that it's implemented.