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Re: Graphical LDAP clients with SASL support

lør, 06.03.2004 kl. 23.48 skrev Dieter Kluenter:

> >> Googling turns up some others like phpLDAPadmin, and 
> >> LDAPExplorerTool, but there's nothing on whether or 
> >> not they support SASL authentication mechanisms.
> > None of it supports ldapi (Unix domain sockets on localhost), which is
> > the ultimate in sniffer safety. Plus giving you turbo-charged
> > connectivity.
> phpldapAdmin does support ldapi!

My bad - It's PHP that does the supporting one way or the other, not
phpldapAdmin as such. The ldap_connect function supports whatever
configuration with which the running slapd has been started. I suppose
the same could apply to any client, if it were expressly written to
support ldapi, but most of them (that I've looked at) don't.



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