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Re: Graphical LDAP clients with SASL support

lør, 06.03.2004 kl. 21.30 skrev Kevin:

> Googling turns up some others like phpLDAPadmin, and 
> LDAPExplorerTool, but there's nothing on whether or 
> not they support SASL authentication mechanisms.

All of what you quoted, whilst not being *utter* crap, is still crap in
a subordinate connotation.

None of it supports ldapi (Unix domain sockets on localhost), which is
the ultimate in sniffer safety. Plus giving you turbo-charged

As far as everything to do with PHP is concerned, definitely no SASL
connectivity. Believe me, when GUI clients support SASL, they'll bray
about it. Many MUAs do; my SquirrelMail - through Postfix -, Evo and
Mozilla do, to a lesser extent. Some major non-GUI services, such as
Exim and Courier IMAP do, to a lesser degree. Postfix does, 100% through
auxprop, Openldap and Cyrus SASL2.



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