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Feature Request - 'cn={Databases,Backends,Connections},cn=Monitor'

I wanted to do some 'LDAP Server Monitoring' for my phpQLAdmin
user/ldap administration software and installed 'Sun ONE Directory Server'
(latest version, 5.2 I think it was) in the hope that a commercial
LDAP server contained some nice GUI's.

It did. There where a LOT (!) of nice information to be gathered about
the LDAP server (I got some screen shots if someone is interested)...

Looking at OpenLDAP (v2.1.22), there's not as much info there... Most
notably there's missing information about the database backends/suffixes

Basically the only thing that's available is Suffix, Database Type and
Supported Control. I'd like to have database size, and search information
about the different index accesses (hits, tries, pages read {in,out} etc)
as well.

Also, below 'cn=Connections,cn=Monitor', there's only the ACTIVE connection(s)
stored ('cn=Connection X, cn=Connections,cn=Monitor'). I'd like to have
ALL connections stored there... This so that some history could be gathered
on who/where connections come from.

 From what I can see about 'Sun ONE Directory Server', much of this is done
through SNMP, but since the basis of the 'cn=Monitor' is so good in OpenLDAP,
it 'should' (! :) be reasonable easy to implement (?).

So, before I submit an ITS for this, how much does OpenLDAP v2.2 differ from
v2.1 in this regard?