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RedHat Upgrade Options?

	OS: Redhat 9
	OpenLDAP Ver: 2.0.27-8 (RH9 Dist RPM)

	Client user authentication for linux users via nss_ldap/pam_ldap
	Client user authentication for windows users via Samba PDC

My problem is this, I've rolled out my ldap servers into production, and
now I've found that I need several features from more recent versions of
OpenLDAP, most importantly replica uri support now that I'm rolling out a
slave server at a remote facility for ssl replication.

Now that RH9 has been EOL'd, what are my options for upgrading now that
I've got my servers in production and can only have them down for very
short periods of time?  Are there more up to date RPMs out there
compatible with RH9?  (Custom rolled RPMs are something I've yet to have
the opportunity to acquaint myself with unfortunately).

Perhaps there are RPMs from RH Enterprise 3 that have some of the features
I need?  Or am I plain SOL?  (Trust me, I'd much rather hand-compile my
own stuff, but this seems a poor method for mass-deployment much to my

Sortof OT for the subject, but how is the multimaster replication code?
AFAIK it's experimental right now, but it's a feature I would certainly
make use of if stable.

Thanks for your time folks, appreciate it.

 -- Cybr0t McWhulf