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RE: RedHat Upgrade Options?

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> Software:
> 	OS: Redhat 9
> 	OpenLDAP Ver: 2.0.27-8 (RH9 Dist RPM)
> Usage:
> 	Client user authentication for linux users via nss_ldap/pam_ldap
> 	Client user authentication for windows users via Samba PDC

> Now that RH9 has been EOL'd, what are my options for 
> upgrading now that
> I've got my servers in production and can only have them down for very
> short periods of time?  Are there more up to date RPMs out there
> compatible with RH9?  (Custom rolled RPMs are something I've 
> yet to have
> the opportunity to acquaint myself with unfortunately).

Symas CDS RPMs are up to date and known to work on RedHat 9.

> Sortof OT for the subject, but how is the multimaster replication code?
> AFAIK it's experimental right now, but it's a feature I would 
> certainly make use of if stable.

It is not. Nor will it ever be. Experiments often disprove their hypotheses.

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