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Re: Feature Request - 'cn={Databases,Backends,Connections},cn=Monitor'

> I wanted to do some 'LDAP Server Monitoring' for my phpQLAdmin
> user/ldap administration software and installed 'Sun ONE Directory
> Server' (latest version, 5.2 I think it was) in the hope that a
> commercial LDAP server contained some nice GUI's.
> It did. There where a LOT (!) of nice information to be gathered about
> the LDAP server (I got some screen shots if someone is interested)...
> Looking at OpenLDAP (v2.1.22), there's not as much info there... Most
> notably there's missing information about the database backends/suffixes
> (cn={Databases,Backends},cn=Monitor).
> Basically the only thing that's available is Suffix, Database Type and
> Supported Control. I'd like to have database size, and search
> information about the different index accesses (hits, tries, pages read
> {in,out} etc) as well.
> Also, below 'cn=Connections,cn=Monitor', there's only the ACTIVE
> connection(s) stored ('cn=Connection X, cn=Connections,cn=Monitor'). I'd
> like to have ALL connections stored there... This so that some history
> could be gathered on who/where connections come from.
>  From what I can see about 'Sun ONE Directory Server', much of this is
> done
> through SNMP, but since the basis of the 'cn=Monitor' is so good in
> OpenLDAP, it 'should' (! :) be reasonable easy to implement (?).
> So, before I submit an ITS for this, how much does OpenLDAP v2.2 differ
> from v2.1 in this regard?

I don't think there's much more.  In fact, back-monitor
is basically sitting there waiting for input (e.g. sysadmin
requests, possibly accompanied by patches :).  Please file
an ITS with a detailed description of what you'd like to see
there; if you only have a rough idea, we can discuss the topic.


Pierangelo Masarati