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Re: Proxy Ldap Backend for Ipswich Imail

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Jim Flowers wrote:

| Yes, I mean that I can't find a way to configure
| the DomainName attribute on the ldap proxy server.  None
| of the objectclasses that I am aware of have a DomainName
| attribute as either required or optional.  I see that I
| could map it to something other attribute that I do have but
| I don't think that will help me with the 'real naming context'
| where the dn component DomainName=hisdomain.tld is rejected
| on startup of slapd.  No DomainName in any of my schemas.

Howard's suggestion about searching the subschemaSubentry
DN was what I was going to say as well.

| I did try it with: ldapsearch -x -b "ou=hisorg,dc=mydomain,dc=tld"
| with the same results, just picked the wrong one to report.  I
| don't know about the non-empty DN.  It seems to work OK with
| ldapsearch -b "" direct to the target server and with Net::LDAP
| in a script.  I can also see the info I want being
| returned in the slapd -d 1 trace.  I just can't get to use it:

Strange.  I seem to remember some servers (not sure which ones)
having a default search suffix to use if the client didn't give
one.  I can't remember where I ran into this though.  Could be
the case you're seeing with the IPsswitch server.

But based on your comments below I would work on defining
the DomainName attribute on the ldap proxy before I worried
about much more.

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