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RE: Proxy Ldap Backend for Ipswich Imail

> > Yes, I mean that I can't find a way to configure the
> > DomainName attribute on
> > the ldap proxy server.  None of the objectclasses that I am
> > aware of have a
> > DomainName attribute as either required or optional.  I see
> > that I could map
> > it to something other attribute that I do have but I don't
> > think that will
> > help me with the 'real naming context' where the dn component
> > DomainName=hisdomain.tld is rejected on startup of slapd.  No
> > DomainName in
> > any of my schemas.
> If the remote server is an LDAPv3 server (as it generally must be for
> OpenLDAP 2.1 back-ldap/back-meta) then it should have a subSchemaSubEntry
> listed in its rootDSE. Query that, and retrieve the remote server's 
> schema, it will certainly contain the attributeType definition for 
> the domainName attribute. Paste that definition into your proxy's 
> schema and you're all set. Your problem has nothing to do with 
>   -- Howard Chu

Right, the Imail ldap server claims to be V3 based on RFC-2251 but queries to 
determine the servers capabilities don't turn up a Subschema:

mailg# ldapsearch -H "ldap://mail.markerman.com"; -x -s base -
b "" "(objectclass=*)" +

# hisdomain.tld
dn: DomainName="hisdomain.tld"

# anothervirtualdomain.tld
dn: DomainName="anothervirtualdomain.tld"

and, as expected, a query for cn=SubSchema produces nothing.

Imail has an object.ini file that identifies 'Domain' and 'Person' as 
ObjectClass and an attr.ini file that identifies DomainName, uid, cn and 
others as Attributes.

I would expect on this basis to use a dn of 'DomainName=hisdomain.tld' as the 
real naming context part of suffixmassage but slapd won't accept it.

     slapd.conf: line 85: suffix DN DomainName=hisdomain.tld is invalid

So I'm still stumped.