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RE: Proxy Ldap Backend for Ipswich Imail

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> Jerry,
> Thanks for the help.  I think you've identified the problem (no local
> attribute) but I can't see what to do about it.

> Yes, I mean that I can't find a way to configure the
> DomainName attribute on
> the ldap proxy server.  None of the objectclasses that I am
> aware of have a
> DomainName attribute as either required or optional.  I see
> that I could map
> it to something other attribute that I do have but I don't
> think that will
> help me with the 'real naming context' where the dn component
> DomainName=hisdomain.tld is rejected on startup of slapd.  No
> DomainName in
> any of my schemas.

If the remote server is an LDAPv3 server (as it generally must be for
OpenLDAP 2.1 back-ldap/back-meta) then it should have a subSchemaSubEntry
listed in its rootDSE. Query that, and retrieve the remote server's schema,
it will certainly contain the attributeType definition for the domainName
attribute. Paste that definition into your proxy's schema and you're all set.
Your problem has nothing to do with objectClasses.

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