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Re: Proxy Ldap Backend for Ipswich Imail

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Jim Flowers wrote:

| I can query the Imail servers OK but I can't seem to get
| the schema right for the central ldap server as it will not
| return any values.  Here is the result of a query to the Imail
| ldap server:
| -------------------snip
| mailg# ldapsearch -x -H ldap://mail.hisdomain.tld \
| -b "" "(uid=username)" mail
| dn: uid="username", DomainName="hisdomain.tld"
| cn:
| mail: username@hisdomain.tld
| -----------------------------snip
| I come up with a slapd.conf of:
| -----------------------------snip
| database        ldap
| suffix          ou=hisorg,dc=mydomain,dc=tld
| uri             ldap://mail.hisdomain.tld/
| suffixmassage   ou=hisorg,dc=mydomain,dc=tld
|                 ""
| map     attribute       uid             uid
| map     attribute       cn              cn
| map     attribute       mail            mail
| map     attribute       *
| map     objectclass     account         Person
| map     objectclass     *
| -----------------------------snip
| Can't use DomainName=hisdomain.tld in suffixmassage as there
| is no local equivalent.

What do you mean no local equivalent?  Do you mean there is no
DomainName attribute defined in the schema on the ldap proxy

| Here is what happens:
| -----------------------------snip
| mailg# ldapsearch -x -b "" "(uid=username)" mail
| search: 2
| result: 32 No such object
| ----------------------------snip
| If there is an answer here, I haven't been able to
| stumble onto it.  Anyone who can point me in the right direction,
| I would appreciate it.

You're actually searching the rootDSE on the ldap
broxy server here which is not what you expect.  I'll
bet things will work ok if you massage the suffix to
a non-empty DN.

cheers, jerry
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