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Re: monitor backend

jehan procaccia wrote:

Allan Streib wrote:

Was just perusing the roadmap document and saw mention of the monitor backend in 2.1. Is there any documentation anywhere of how this is used? I searched the Admin Guide and the word "monitor" did not appear when I used my browser's "find" function.

I searched the FAQ and did not find much more than:

back-monitor is a status monitoring backend that gives operating statistics on slapd itself.

Sounds great -- where can I learn more? Is it stable? Can anyone provide any examples of how that is used?


here's how I configured it on my slapd.conf

database        monitor
access to dn.subtree=cn=monitor
     by dn.exact=cn=admin,dc=int-evry,dc=fr write
     by dn.subtree=dc=int-evry,dc=fr read
     by * none

And here's a doc I wrote to integrate monitored data in web graphs using mrtg/rrd and perl :


indeed, it's a very valuable tool , exept that I'am still looking for a description in the monitor that would tell us how many slapd threads a active !?

Jehan did a very good job; note that now the back-monitor in HEAD should be enabled by default. It should be "stable" in the sense that ... it doesn't crash slapd, but "unstable" in the sense that it should evolve, based on admins needs. Currently I have no big plans for new features, I'm basically waiting for feature requests (or patches, of course).